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How can I add Music to my group?

  1. You can add Music to your group in one of the following ways:
  2. To add a music playlist, please follow the steps below:
    1. First, go to the group Profile.
    2. Click the “Music” tab on the group Profile. You might have to click on the “More” tab to expand the menu bar to see “Music.”
    3. Click on the “Upload Music” link from the top left corner of the “Music” tab to add Music.
    4. Fill up the form to add Music. Then, to make your group music playlist attractive, upload a suitable image for your “Playlist Artwork”.
    5. Click on “Add Music” to upload Music for your group.
    6. Click on “Save Music to Playlist” to save Playlist for your group.
  3. From the “Apps” section of your group Dashboard, click on the “Upload Music” button and follow the steps from ‘2.2’ to ‘2.6’ above.
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