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  • 87.37% of the time I'm 100% right.
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    • [ Prana Potions ] is my unique collaborative effort with the primordial plant world. The Apothecary contains a rich array of artisan holistic-inspired ethically wildcrafted + organically sourced plant-based 'makeup', elemental edible & topical elixirs, non-comedogenic botanical-infused serums and high-quality versatile self-care rituals created by my two hands. My approach is loving, intuitive, yet scientific- made from the heart with awareness of ecological-rights & justice for earth-kind.

      My hope is to help change your conception of what true natural beauty can really be, knowing it is a simple holistic lifestyle, and not just a complex topical application with underlying side effects to be addressed later down the road. I invite you to be open with my offerings, as they certainly are not like most!

      ❁ Prana Potions is built specifically for folks with extremely sensitive skin & sensitive Souls, such as myself. With my work, I prefer a subtle, earth-based, heart-driven approach to my craft where awareness is not separate from the experience, but a part of it, which subtly transfers into the product and thus your own experience through our primal physical senses and the extra-sensory perception we all embody. It is an honor to create ambrosial offerings for the local and global family, here on my land on the island of O'ahu, Hawai'i.

      ─ Organic Self-Care Rituals ─
      ─ Floral, Fruit + Botanical 'Makeup' ─
      ─ Multipurpose Herbal Personal-Care ─
      ─ GF Medicinal Tincture Remedies ─
      ─ Earth + Ether Aromatics ─
      ─ Holistic-Care Inspired Blog ─
      ─ Wholesale | Collaborations ─
      ─ Worldwide Shipping ─

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      Receive free US shipping using the code: "FREESHIPPING" on orders over $115!
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      ❁ Plant-derived ingredients only. Period.
      ❁ Ideal for sensitive skin
      ❁ Handcrafted one at a time with LOVE
      ❁ Eco-conscious + Earth protective protocols
      ❁ Vegan-friendly options (thank you, bees!)
      ❁ Certified organic • unrefined • cold-pressed
      ❁ Ethically wild-crafted + homegrown herbs
      ❁ Handmade in fresh micro batches
      ❁ Cruelty-free & never tested on animals
      ❁ Each parcel is wrapped with love & care!

      ❁ FREE OF ANY: Artificial chemical-derived ingredients • synthetic fragrances of any kind • Completely free of toxic ingredients such as: parabens • artificial colors & dyes • emulsifiers • synthetic preservatives • sunscreen chemicals • PEG • phthalates • SLS • propylene glycol • essential oil-free options!

      ✦ Prana Potions ships worldwide from Hawaii (for folks living in the 808, we have a kama'aina discount- simply shoot my inbox a message!)

      ✦ For many beneficial reasons, each & every creation is handmade in small batches, are literally one of a kind, where many are often limited edition items & once sold may not be created in the same exact form again. Tis the beauty of life, ain't it?

      ✦ Many of our items are available scented (with essential oils) or unscented (naked, without EO’s | most ideal for folks with extremely sensitive skin who’s tried it all)

      ✦ I can’t help it. I list every single darn beautiful ingredient used in our concoctions here in Prana Potions. We are also a proud member of the NIRC's Truth in Labeling act & the non-profit global network- Herbalists Without Borders. This ensures you'll have access to knowing every ingredient used in my craft prior to ordering! I risk being copied, but you deserve to be conscious of what you ingest internally as well as externally.

      ✦ I do NOT use the term organic lightly. I consciously choose to source locally homegrown, ethically wildcrafted (I mean ethically!) ingredients gathered by either myself, Ian, close friends or local suppliers. Many of my ingredients I source from certified organically grown suppliers I personally trust. If my herbs are grown in my garden, please note I take the biodynamic, permaculture approach to my tending and design where the only fertilizers used are azomite rock dust, organic sea kelp, homegrown locally sourced worms (compost tea, vermicast, etc fed organic vegan food scraps!), epsom salt & locally made rich compost. Yep, I don’t mess around.

      ✦ I am strict about the ingredients I use. You won't find any phthalates, emulsifying wax, parabens, petroleum, soy-derived ingredients, cheap fillers, artificial ingredients, gluten, nano-minerals, petrolatum, sulfates (SLS: sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate), artificial dyes, coloring, artificial chemicals or preservatives.

      ✦ I ship in 1-5 business days & all parcels are hand-wrapped with earth-friendly, recyclable materials and encourage recycling the reusable packaging. I combine shipping charges on two or more orders & always refund excess shipping costs. My packaging comes from recyclable materials & Eco Enclose.

      ✦ Honesty, respect, and trust are important to me. You deserve the comfort in knowing what you put in and on your body.

      ✦ I appreciate everyone allowing extra time for customized + large orders.

      ✦ Prana Potions is a cruelty-free brand and have never tested on our animal friends.

      ✦ If you would like to offer a few Prana Potions to your local + global community- Email me at (pranapotionsco(@)gmail.com) for all bulk ordering and wholesale inquiries!

      ❥ Thank you for reading the Shop Policies prior to purchasing from the shop! Feel free to message me here for any questions you may have.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      ♡ Prana Potions, LLC

      IG | FB | Twitter | Pin. | Tumblr ⊳ @PranaPotions
      Also on: Boycott.Market and BuyHawaii.com

      ✦ Thank you for supporting small artisanal businesses!

      Your generosity, honest feedback, dedication & love is felt across seas ♡

      - Maile Melcher
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    • Grew-up on the south-side of Honolulu, in 1970 My company put this website together as an experiment to learn how the best social engines (SE) systems work and how SE's would be beneficial to the locals living in Hawaii. Enjoy.
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